More Support from More Places

OrthoSync allows you to invite your loved ones and members of your support team to help you understand & achieve your recovery goals.


OrthoSync is an online resource that you can share with your family, friends and caregivers to better understand what is coming up next for you.

When your surgery is scheduled, you will be provided a login for the OrthoSync application and also a document to complete to authorize those who you would like to have access to your information such as your son or daughter, spouse, other family members or friends. These members of your support team will have view-only access to see what is coming up next for you and contact information for your physicians & their team as well as the care providers you have selected as part of your Customized Care Plan. The goal is to ensure you are always supported by Illinois Bone & Joint Institute staff, your family & friends as well as by our OrthoSync partners.

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