High quality care. Affordably.

Many people rely on IBJI specialists for excellent orthopedic care that’s close to home, but did you know that IBJI is also a great value? In many cases, IBJI care costs less than care from hospitals and large health systems.

Are you concerned about the cost of your healthcare?

It used to be that people with employer-sponsored healthcare plans didn’t worry about cost - insurers picked up the tab when you reached a low deductible. That’s changing.

Today, most people are paying more for healthcare. High-deductible health plans are common. More people are self-employed or between jobs. Because many of us are paying out of pocket for care, the cost of healthcare is becoming a major consideration.

That’s why IBJI is an excellent choice, now more than ever.


Excellent care. Lower cost.

When you or a loved one need orthopedic care, you want an excellent surgeon, physician or therapist. Unfortunately, paying more doesn’t mean you actually receive better care. And paying less doesn’t mean you have to compromise on quality.

IBJI physicians and surgeons are recognized leaders in their specialties. Most have advanced fellowship training and offer highly specialized expertise in a particular area. From diagnosis through rehabilitation, outstanding care is easy to access – and more affordable than most care from a hospital or large health system.

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Why are IBJI costs lower?

At IBJI, orthopedics is all we do. That singular focus enables us to provide more efficient, team-based care.

Medicare and insurance companies reimburse hospitals at a higher rate for the same services than physician practice groups like IBJI. In essence, IBJI is paid less for the same services than hospitals, so we charge less. This translates into savings for patients.

When you receive services in a hospital, you normally pay your physician plus a facility fee. IBJI charges no extra facility fee for services received in IBJI clinics.

IBJI OrthoAccess

Same Day Care. Lower Cost than an ER.

Cost benefit: For adults and children with minor orthopedic injuries, OrthoAccess visits cost up to 80% less than a visit to the ER - $225 compared to $1000.

  • Emergency rooms are staffed with highly skilled medical providers, they’re not bone and joint specialists.
  • Most ER visits require a follow-up visit to an orthopedic specialist.
  • IBJI offers expert, integrated orthopedic care from the start. That makes care more seamless at much lower cost.

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IBJI MRI - Optimal Imaging

Cost benefit: IBJI MRI and diagnostic imaging costs about $500 to $1,000 less per visit than a hospital imaging facility.

  • IBJI Radiologists are all board certified in orthopedic and neurologic subspecialties, unlike many standalone MRI centers.
  • IBJI MRI stringently maintains equipment to the highest standards. All IBJI locations are accredited by the American College of Radiology.
  • IBJI keeps up with technology to offer the highest image clarity and most comfortable MRI/Imaging options.
  • IBJI offers a full range of scanning including MRI, CT, arthrograms and others.

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IBJI Rehabilitation Services

Cost benefit: IBJI Rehabilitation offers physical and occupational therapy at 30% to 50% less than hospital-affiliated rehab.

  • IBJI specializes in orthopedic rehab.
  • IBJI therapists are highly skilled and focused on helping people return to activities as quickly – and safely - as possible.
  • Therapists and physicians work closely together to ensure treatment plans get patients better faster without over-utilizing unneeded services.
  • You receive high quality care with fewer visits and typically, lower cost.

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